Bound by Knighthood, by Nicki Chapelway

Title: Bound by Knighthood
Author: Nicki Chapelway
Series: Starry Kingdoms of the Fae 8
Age level: Young Adult
Heat level: No spice
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Season: Summer and Beach Reads
Triggers: violence, shady fae bargains that include trading of firstborn
Tropes: fae/human romance, childhood rivals to ex-lovers, fake dating, forced proximity, he is part of a celibate order, lots of banter, magical academy, knighthood, chivalry, honor, different knightly factions, wardens, paladins

Willow is a fae born with a weak and muddled magic. In a world where magic can be bought…for the right price, she attends the Academy of the Gilded Knights. Her goal: to swear her service to a high fae in return for powerful magic.

There is only one person standing in the way of her success, Byron.