So what’s a trope, anyway?

A trope is a device and marketing term used by writers and book marketers. As far as we’re concerned, it can refer to characters, their relationship, world-building or feel of the story. We won’t get too precious about definitions here, because we want to help you find the book for you. Some of our “tropes” may actually be subgenres or story types. As long as it helps you match with your ideal read, we’ll take it.

Some examples: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, grumpy-sunshine pairing, grimdark, sword and sorcery, gaslamp, steampunk, strong FMC.

Does booksbytrope.com have every genre?

Since we’re brand new, we’re limiting our focus to the following:

Fantasy, Scifi, Science Fantasy, Romance and Paranormal Romance (PNR).

Will you include indie books?

Absolutely! We anticipate our listings skewing heavily indie.

What don’t you list?

Books using hate speech, racism, religious hate, homophobia, ableism or depicting sexual assault, non-consentual sex, or abuse/exploitation of children on page are not permitted. Books known or reported to have elements espousing or glorifying these things will be omitted or removed from this site.

I’m an author. How do I get my book listed with you?

Enter your books on my author site, ckbeggan.com, here. And please be sure to read all instructions!